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Nevada State Court

State Chaplain: Father John McShane, Retired

State Regent: Leonie Frisbee,

1st Vice State Regent, Jina Couvrette,

2nd Vice State Regent, Kathy Burns,

State Secretary, Erin McAloon,

State Treasurer, Leslie Valpiani,


Nevada State Membership Chair: Eileen Quinn:

Nevada State Website Webmaster: Jina Couvrette,

Circle of Love Chairmen

Spiritual Enhancement: Rae Van Hoven       

Quality of Life: Loy Jo Prado                                    Circle_Of_Love_Logo

Youth/JCDA: Lourdes Caeg

Education: Leslie Valpiani

Family: Erin McAloon

Legislative: Kathy Burns

Leadership: Jina Couvrette

Please reach out to us with any questions about membership information or to find the court nearest you.